Monday, July 28, 2014


Oil and Cold Wax on 4 Panels

I don't think Kaleidoscope has been shown here before.  She was quite a challenge.  I never knew doing 4 panels that had to go together somehow could be so hard. One day, one panel would be wonderful but then the other 3 didn't want to work.  The next day, the whole direction of the painting would change.  Then they would be vertical.  Then horizontal.  Then they would just sit for weeks.  I think I almost wore them out changing colors, patterns, textures and lay out of the panels.  Finally, the 4 individual panels morphed into Kaleidoscope.  I knew I was happy.

Kaleidoscope is about to be delivered to her new forever home.  BB has had her for a few months and finally found the perfect spot.  Once again, I am happy, and also, sad to see her go.  I know I can always to to visit her at BB's house in Dallas.  Kaleidoscope is hanging out in good company.