Sunday, May 4, 2014

Rockwall Art League Demo

Somersaults #1

Somersaults #2

I did it!  My first oil and cold wax demo.  The Rockwall Art League ask me to demo for the group for their April meeting.  The turn out was amazing!!  

I had the idea that I would start a new painting (Somersaults #2) at the beginning of the demo, let it sit and dry a little while I talked about the materials and tools.  Then, I would go back to it and do a little more on it.  To close out the demo, I wanted switch out and work on the painting (Somersaults #1) I had started at home and add a few finishing touches to it.

As the saying goes - The best laid plans…. You know how it goes.  The top part of Somersaults #2 turned PINK.  I knew I had to let it dry before going back into it.  So, I told the group that it was not ruined and promised to finish it.

So, here are Somersaults #1 and #2.  Purposefully, not identical but still a pair. In the spirit of the pink, I left tiny bits showing, too.  

I am still considering if they will be framed individually or  bolted together or even if they will be vertical or horizontal.  I need to live with them for a while.  

Thanks again RAL!