Monday, October 24, 2016

Paths We Have Taken

Paths We Have Taken
6"x4" each
Oil and Cold Wax on cradled panels

Paths We Have Taken is a commissioned tryptic.  It was requested by a dear friend from my school days.  We have reconnected because of Facebook.  We realize that we still have a lot in common after all these years.  So, after avoiding FB all these years, I have to admit sometime it can do some good things.

Thank you, Sally McGregor Rivers!!!

Monday, July 25, 2016

Off to the East

Off to the East
Oil and Cold Wax on Ampersand panels

I hate to admit how many paintings are under this one and how long it has been in the works.  I never liked any of them until this one happened.  I have hung it every direction, too. Each way, it wanted a different name.  I whose this one just to stretch my comfort zone.


Sunday, April 3, 2016

ilume Gallerie on Facebook

Ron Radwanski has done a new Facebook post for the Spring 2016 artists at ilume.  Pretty cool!  I will be delivering new works to the gallery in a couple of weeks; so, keep watching.

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Ilume Gallerie!!

I have delivered my first 3 paintings to Ilume Gallerie in Dallas!!  It was so much fun to attend a fundraiser for Dr. Theresa Daniel's reelection campaign and see my paintings in the gallery for the first time.  That is Ronald Radwanski, the gallery director, and me in the picture with my paintings.  

Keep watching for more paintings to be shown at Ilume this spring!!

Ilume Gallery is located at 4123 Cedar Springs Suite 107 in Dallas.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Reflecting is going to Hot Wax/Cold Wax Exhibition also

Oil and Cold Wax

Last, but not least, is Reflecting.  It is based on a 7x5 that I did several years ago.  It is oil and cold wax with sand mixed in the paint for the tree areas.  I don't use sand very often but decided this was the perfect exhibition to include one piece that is a little more experimental.  The underpainting is red.  There are tiny bits of that that show through in places.  It was fun to be more playful when I worked on this painting.

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Lightning is going to Kerrville, too.

Oil and Cold Wax on Ampersand 2" cradled panel

Lightning is my second piece going to Kerrville for the Hot Wax/Cold Wax Exhibition.  

Not often do I feel like my paintings are influenced by what is going on in my life but I was working on this piece when the tornadoes came through Garland and Rowlett.  I was actually watching them out the windows in my house.  It was an amazing thing to see and soon after that that suddenly I felt the need to put a jagged arcing pattern on this painting.  Was I influenced by the storms?  I don't really know that.  But I do know this painting is dramatic.  I hope you like it.

Friday, February 12, 2016

Road Trip for ACT 2016

Road Trip (Blue Planet Series)

Yes, Road Trip is off on a road trip to Fayetteville Texas for ACT 2016.  

ACT (Artists Changing Tomorrow) is a group I have supported since it began in 2010.  Just ask me how I was the replacement artist for Stephen Quiller that first year.  The biennial gala and auction provide funds for children's arts programs around Fayetteville.  We all know arts programs in rural areas are lacking.  ACT provides funds for after school art programs, summer camps and many other programs in a 5 county area.

This year's gala and auction will be February 27.  All 100 paintings, with opening bids of $250, will auctioned that evening.  For more information go to